Ontario Generation Widget

What’s online now: See an instant picture of generation in Ontario


Open a  window to the handy APPrO /Global Roam widget displaying how much power is coming from each type of generation in Ontario, hour by hour, over the last 7 days.

- Compare output from various types of generation in Ontario, hour-by-hour

- Add and remove overlays

- Extract production data into standard formats


In conjunction with software company, Global-Roam, we are pleased to provide you access to this live view of the generation mix supporting Ontario’s commercial, industrial and residential energy users.


This chart will update in real time and provides a view of how the generation mix has changed over the past 7 days:

-          Data is updated hourly (i.e. 168 data points over a week, per fuel type)

-          Mouse-over the chart to read the raw data

-          Click off fuel types of no interest to narrow down to those of interest

-          Feel free to save the chart for use in reports or presentations

-          No charge to embed on your own website

-          More functionality coming in future.



Both APPrO and Global-Roam appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this way.

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